About the Programme

The undergraduate Computer Science (CS) major at Ashoka acknowledges the relevance of computing and information science to every academic discipline, and emphasizes exposure to interdisciplinary research that will drive innovation in the future. In addition to courses in traditional CS fields like systems, theory and AI, students will be able to leverage the multidisciplinary interests of the faculty to study newer fields like human-centered computing, social and information networks, digital humanities, data-driven journalism, and cyber law. They will not only develop a diverse set of skills to prepare for graduate school and for employment, but will also be encouraged to launch their own startups or venture into new types of careers using their interdisciplinary training.

Our curriculum takes into account the ACM curriculum guidelines for undergraduate degrees in computer science and exposes students to modern advancements and new sub-fields of computer science.

The main goals of the programme are:

  • Develop the core set of technical skills that will prepare students for employment or further studies
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the scientific and relevant mathematical underpinnings of computer science and learn to apply them practically
  • Identify and solve the most challenging computer science problems, and work towards developing new ideas and creating new knowledge in the field of computer science
  • Understand the social context in which students’ knowledge and work of computer science will be used, and engage in collaborative work with members of team outside the discipline

Apart from a major in CS, students can also opt for a minor in CS, or inter-disciplinary majors in CS and Entrepreneurship, and in CS and Mathematics. CS major students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Ashoka Scholars Programme, which will confer postgraduate diplomas following a year of advanced study, research, and field work. This unique one-year programme combines a real-life, academically rigorous research project and internship taken alongside a set of electives, so that students can enter into successful academic and professional careers with ample experience in their fields.

The CS department at Ashoka also works with a small number of post-graduate students working on research projects through the Master in Liberal Studies program, an optional 1 year extension to the Young India Fellowship. We expect to start full-fledged Masters and Ph.D. programs in CS in the coming years.

The CS department is an integral part of Ashoka’s Center for Entrepreneurship and the Trivedi Center for Political Data.

For more information about the programme, write to: Prof. Sudheendra Hangal at hangal@ashoka.edu.in

If you are interested in faculty positions, please go to the faculty applications page (a Ph.D. is required). For positions at the Trivedi Center for Political Data, please see this page. For TA/RA applications, please contact himanshu.singhal@ashoka.edu.in.

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